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Going on a date or a party or getting reading ready for your special day. Start your day with Ambber & Salma Salon’s Top beauty saloon services near you. Whether you need a manicure, a pedicure, Threading, make-up, hair removal, or a facial, our top estheticians got you covered. Our services include the best manicure and pedicure by expert estheticians, bridal make-up, party make-up, model make-up, and different types of hair removal, threading waxing, and different kinds of facial treatments, try our services, and you won’t be disappointed. Whether you need a manicure, pedicure, hair removal or Threading services near me, our top Salon has it all.

Come and relax in our hygienic, air-conditioned environment. Enjoy the company of our friendly staff while they pamper you. Your loyalty makes us do better. Our products are chosen carefully to save our clients from any harmful effects. If your skin is sensitive or you have suffered any contra-indications previously, please inform the staff in advance. Always book your visit in advance to avoid waiting.
Before any procedure, our staff always consults the clients because your needs are our priority. In case of laser hair removal, please inform the staff if you are using any medication.

Ambber & Salma is one of the top salons in Calgary. Our service has been tried and tested by the locals and is highly recommended. So pick up the phone, dial +1-403-993-1918 and book your appointment now and become the shining star of the evening. To avoid any inconvenience, arrive twenty minutes before the appointed time.

You will get all our services like eyelash extensions, threading or stringing or Lacing, waxing, eyelash treatment and many more under one roof. We have tailored our services according to our client’s needs. Our services are affordable and reliable. We never compromise on quality and aspire to give our best.

Ambber & Salma College of Esthetic & Spa

A service you will appreciate for a price you will love.

Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of our Professionals in Training while they sharpen their skills in an environment of luxury and services at a discount. We offer a variety of services as well as high quality products, and our services are proven to be among the finest on the market.



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Full Esthetics Training course

          $45.00                             45 min  


Full face threading specifically targets hair follicles that grow deep within the skin, as the cotton thread glides along the surface of the skin to remove hair and any dead skin cells.

chin threading | eyelash extension | eyelash treatment | lacing or looping

          $10.00                               10 min  


It works by using a cotton thread that is twisted and rolled along the surface of the skin, entwining the hair in the thread and lifting it out of the follicle.

upper lips threading | eyelash extension | eyelash treatment | lacing or looping

          $8.00                               10 min  

Upper Lip

Threading is a hair removal process where your aesthetician or beautician uses a piece of thread to pluck out hair from areas on your upper lip.

Brow eyelash extensions

          $15.00                            10 min  


Eyebrow threading is a form of epilation. The process removes the entire hair, including the root, rather than cutting it.

Chin & Upper Lip threading | eyelash extension | eyelash treatment | lacing or looping

          $18.00                              30 min  

Chin & UpperLip

Lip threading is also known as a lip thread lift. This nonsurgical procedure uses small dissolvable threads to smooth out fine lines around your mouth and boost collagen production.

Upper Lip & Brow eyelash extensions

          $20.00                             30 min  

Upper Lip & Brow

Threading does not make upper lip hair grow back darker. it does not change the colour of upper lip area as well.

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