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Going on a date, attending a party, or preparing for your important day. Begin your day with top beauty salon treatments near you from Ambber & Salma Salon. Our finest estheticians can provide you with a Face and body contouring which include manicure, pedicure, make-up, hair removal, or a facial.

Our services include the greatest manicure and pedicure by skilled estheticians, bridal make-up, party make-up, model make-up, and various sorts of hair removal, threading waxing, and many types of facial treatments. Try our services, and you will not be disappointed. Our best Salon has it all, whether you need a manicure, pedicure, hair removal, Laser Hair Removal Face, or facial treatments near me.

Come and relax in our hygienic, air-conditioned environment. Enjoy the company of our friendly staff while they pamper you. Your loyalty makes us do better. Our products are chosen carefully to save our clients from any harmful effects. If your skin is sensitive or you have suffered any contra-indications previously, please inform the staff in advance.

Always book your visit in advance to avoid waiting. Before any procedure, our staff always consults the clients because your needs are our priority. In case of laser hair removal, please inform the staff if you are using any medication. Ambber & Salma is one of the top Beauty salons in Calgary. Our service has been tried and tested by the locals and is highly recommended. So pick up the phone, dial +1-403-993-1918, book your appointment now and become the shining star of the evening. To avoid any inconvenience, arrive twenty minutes before the appointed time.

You will get all our services under one roof. We have tailored our services according to our client’s needs. Our services are affordable and reliable. We never compromise on quality and aspire to give our best.

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Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of our Professionals in Training while they sharpen their skills in an environment of luxury and services at a discount. We offer a variety of services as well as high quality products, and our services are proven to be among the finest on the market.

Face & Body Contouring


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Face (Upper or Lower) contouring

       $110.00                            20 min   

Face (Upper or Lower)

A combination of facial contouring and Botox can rejuvenate the forehead and upper brow area and restore hollows and deep wrinkles.

Upper or Lower Arms contouring

       $100.00                            45 min   

Upper or Lower Arms

Contouring for the upper & lower arms is a noninvasive fat reduction procedure that involves no anesthesia, needles, or incisions.

Neck contouring

       $125.00                            45 min   


Through neck contouring surgery, A smooth, graceful neckline portrays a sense of refinement that serves to enhance a person's overall appearance.

Full Face to Jawline contouring

       $220.00                            45 min   

Full Face to Jawline

Facial contouring is one of the fastest growing non-invasive and non-surgical facial reconfiguration techniques that’s currently taking the plastic surgery industry by storm.

Full Face and Neck contouring

       $320.00                            60 min   

Full Face & Neck

Neck Contouring usually begins with liposuction in the neck and jowl regions. Then, operating through small hidden incisions behind the ear and under the chin

Full arm contouring

       $190.00                            60 min   

Full Arms

Arm contour improvement is a desired goal of the massive weight loss and the aging population who want to maintain the arm aesthetics.

Abdomen contouring

       $220.00                            60 min   


If you've struggled to lose weight and tone your stomach and midsection, an abdomen and flank contouring reduction procedure may be right for you.

Glutes contouring

       $250.00                            60 min   


Gluteal contouring, also referred to as buttock implants, gluteal augmentation helps patients regain the ideal shape or a firmer buttock area for an enhanced self-image.

upper and lower abs contouring

       $110.00                            45 min   

Upper or Lower Abs

Body contouring can help remove resistant fat in areas like the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs, so you have a more appealing shape.

Calves contouring

       $120.00                            45 min   


This procedure only treats excess fat and is most effective when defining the contours of the calves around the knees and ankles.

Thighs-front,back,or inner contouring

       $250.00                            45 min   

Thighs-front,back,or inner

Thigh contouring, also called a thigh lift, is a surgical procedure. A medial thigh lift reshapes the upper inner, Front & Back thighs by removing the excess skin and fat and the skin is tightened and the contour of the inner thigh is greatly improved.

Knees contouring

       $110.00                              30 min    


The knees can be one of the most challenging areas to treat with any body contouring procedure. Gaining in the CoolSculpting process have also allowed for effective slimming of this area.

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