Reflexology Course

2 Weeks (50 Hours)

Basic and Advanced Reflexology Course in Calgary - 2 Weeks (50 Hours)

If you are a naturally sensitive person and want to help clients by reducing their pain, our Reflexology Course, Reflexology therapy course, and Reflexology massage course might be the one for you. Reflexology although isn’t new, the advances in medical science have improved it.

Reflexology tries to decrease pain by applying pressure to certain specific points. These points may be at the soles of the feet, on the hands, or ears.  

Reflexology course or Reflexology therapy course has become quite popular, for its ability to unblock nerves, elevate mood and help with fertility issues. Join our reflexology course and become an in-demand esthetician.           

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Our Curriculum

Upon completion of our 1 Year intensive diploma program you’ll get practical hands-on learning that covers:

Facial treatments are the core treatments that estheticians perform. They analyze different skin types, skin diseases, skin conditions, knowledge about moles & pigmentation and cleanse, massage, steam, extraction, deep cleanse with scrub and moisturize the skin.

Back facials entail washing, exfoliating, hydrating, and masking the skin of the back. Most back facials include extractions to clean up clogged pores and lessen the severity of any existing back acne.

Learn how to remove calluses, trim nails, how to cut in-grown nails & nail filing, pushing cuticles and removal of cuticles.

Waxing is the semi-permanent removal of hair from the roots, through the application of a specially developed wax. Students will learn correct waxing techniques and how to choose appropriate materials and proper wax temperature to obtain positive results.

Threading is an ancient manual technique of hair removal. You will learn how to pass a loop of twisted cotton thread to trap the targeted hair and ‘pluck’ them from their follicles.

Henna (Mehndi) is an ancient Indian art of applying temporary tattoos to hands, feet and other parts of the body.

Body massage is another foundational service that enhances technique effectiveness, has both mental and physical benefits and provides relaxation.

You will learn to use jade stone massage techniques to provide relief to stiff and sore muscles. Understanding and observing a demonstration of the therapy.

Students will learn to activate the natural healing powers of the body incorporating the long-established principle of energy zones that run throughout the body.

You will learn everything you need to about Eyelash extensions inciuding:types of iashes, Proper application for each type of lash, Safety, hygiene and troubling and eyelash removal.

You will learn to cleanse, scrub and Wrap the body with mud from start to finish.

Learn theory and how to apply basic makeup, party makeup and bridal makeup which includes make up and contour, eye shadows, mascara, eyeliner, photo shooting and bridal make up.

Learning to cleanse the eyelashes and brows, mixing dyes and applying dyes.

Learn how to file nails, push cuticle & remove cuticles, hand and foot massage and scrub &apply nail polish.

Learning how to make designs on fingernails.

Flexible Scheduling

Ambber & Salma College Academy also offers scheduling that may be able to help cater to your current lifestyle! Whether you are working while in school, or have other responsibilities we wish to help make this dream attainable!

Your future starts here.

Next Steps

You’ll get immediate access to our cutting-edge virtual classroom, where you’ll benefit from a unique combination of online learning and practical hands-on instruction with our highly skilled beauty and business Mentors.

We’ll walk you through every step of the process, from theory to practice, to guarantee that you not only pass your tests with flying colors, but that when you graduate, you’ll be one of the 95% percent of graduates who are working in their ideal career or establishing their dream business.

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