Mehndi Course

-7 days (35 hours)

Mehndi(Henna) Course -7 days (35 hours)

Nothing beats Mehndi celebration of formal occasions is incomplete without Mehndi. Applying Mehndi is an intricate skill to master it takes time and patience. Ambber & Salma College is aware of the fondness overseas Pakistanis have for henna patterns, Mehndi Course, and Mehndi Designs. 

Typically Mehndi course attracts creative types. The ones who are willing to let their creativeness run amok. Our Mehndi course is designed by keeping in mind the intricacies of the skill. Skilled Mehndi estheticians are hard to find. Since they are so rare, it’s a good bet by investing in the Mehndi course you can become an in-demand Esthetician. Your services will be sought after by high-paying clients. 

Our top estheticians will show you ropes and teach you how to make intricate mehndi designs, that the clients love so much. The skill might be a little difficult to learn but it’s worth investing in. Join our henna patterns course, Mehndi Course, and Mehndi Designs course work at a salon of your choice or start your business.

Why ascollege Is Your Desired Choice

As the largest and most reputable Training salon and spa School in Calgary we are proud of our gold standard approach to education.

  • Enjoy discounts on our salon and spa for yourself, family, and friends.
  • Free lifetime professional advice from our highly qualified mentors is included in your tuition.
  • We can refer you to a shelter for job placement, and we offer affordable education options, too.
  • Affordable personal tuition shall be offered to students with simple loan and financing options.
  • Modern virtual classroom and post-training so you can learn at your own pace.
  • We prioritise YOU as we lead with honesty. Encourage inventiveness. Also, encourage creativity.
Graduate Ahead of the Competition
  • Become a licensed Comprehensive Esthetician from Ambber & Salma College.
  • Get Certified From Best Beauty School in Calagary
  • Become a trustworthy professional for celebrity clients
  • Your Skill Your Way, Start Your Spa Center.
  • Become so good that clients ask for you by your name
  • Understand business basics; expenses vs profits
  • Be your own boss- unleash your creativity

Our Curriculum

Upon completion of our 1 Year intensive diploma program you’ll get practical hands-on learning that covers:

Henna (Mehndi) is an ancient Indian art of applying temporary tattoos to hands, feet and other parts of the body.

Flexible Scheduling

Ambber & Salma College Academy also offers scheduling that may be able to help cater to your current lifestyle! Whether you are working while in school, or have other responsibilities we wish to help make this dream attainable!

Your future starts here.

Next Steps

You’ll get immediate access to our cutting-edge virtual classroom, where you’ll benefit from a unique combination of online learning and practical hands-on instruction with our highly skilled beauty and business Mentors.

We’ll walk you through every step of the process, from theory to practice, to guarantee that you not only pass your tests with flying colors, but that when you graduate, you’ll be one of the 95% percent of graduates who are working in their ideal career or establishing their dream business.

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