Ambber & Salma College of Esthetics & Spa

Ambber & Salma College of Esthetics & Spa

Ambber & Salma College of Esthetic & Spa (Best Spa in Calgary), which has been consistently ranked as one of the best Beauty School in Calgary, Alberta.

Become a Certified Esthetician

Become a Certified Esthetician

An Esthetician is a professional skin specialist who identifies cosmetic issues (such as wrinkles, pigmentation, or blemishes) and applies treatments to improve its condition.

Best Esthetician College in Calgary

Best Esthetician College in Calgary

Ambber & Salma College of Esthetic & Spa is a great choice for anyone looking to pursue a career in beauty.

Select the profession that suits you.

–1200 Hours  (1 YEAR) Program

Comprehensive Esthetics teaches you the basic and advanced skills of an esthetician.

– 2400 Hours   (2 years)

Clinical esthetics deals with skincare. It involves diagnosing various problems that may occur to the skin due to environmental and health factors.

– 560 Hours (16 Weeks)

Become a Certified Esthetician

Ambber & Salma College offers several affordable esthetic marketable courses, taught by professional, experienced staff.

–4032 Hours  (24 Weeks)

Nail care has now become a lucrative service. Our top College’s nail care course will equip you with all the necessary skills to enable you to work as a professional nail technician.

Salma & Ambber (Best Spa in Calgary) College is Home to a Great Many Professionals in Training Who Are Carrying Out Their Dreams.

Ambber & Salma College

Discover more about our accomplishments!

Where have some of our Teaching Professionals studied after graduating from Ambber & Salma College?


The FUTURE awaits. Will you be ready ?

Ambber & Salma College Is best spa in Calgary Beauty College.
Our all-in-one approach to education means that when you graduate, you’ll have both the education and the hands-on skills you need to easily take your cosmetology career in any direction you want.

Our graduates are some of the MOST sought-after professionals in the industry. 95% of our graduates move to jobs they LOVE or open their own successful cosmetology business.

You must complete our Student Checklist, have basic computer abilities for our online learning component, and a strong desire to begin your Beauty Career!

Fill out our Application Form and an Admissions Advisor will contact you; alternatively, call us at +1-403-993-1918 to speak with someone on the Admissions Team.

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