Program Cost:$ 37,378 Program Length:2400 Hours (2 years)

Texts(included): Milady Standard

Esthetics: Fundamentals, Basic massage therapy book, Simple routines for health & relaxation, Hand & foot reflexology and Milady Standard Nail Technology, etc.


General & skin science, anatomy, physiology, pathology, histology of the skin, morphology of the hair, skin disorder, business skill, skin care business, equal nail, gel nail, nails tips, silk wrap, selling products & services.

Basic & Advanced Facial Skin Care & Back Treatment

Facial treatments are the core treatments that estheticians perform. They analyze different skin types, skin diseases, skin conditions, knowledge about moles & pigmentation and cleanse, massage, steam, extraction, deep cleanse with scrub and moisturize the skin.


Waxing is the semi-permanent removal of hair from the roots, through the application of a specially developed wax. Students will learn correct waxing techniques and how to choose appropriate materials and proper wax temperature to obtain positive results.


Threading is an ancient manual technique of hair removal. You will learn how to pass a loop of twisted cotton thread to trap the targeted hair and ‘pluck’ them from their follicles.

The Art of Mehndi

Henna (Mehndi) is an ancient Indian art of applying temporary tattoos to hands, feet and other parts of the body.

Basic & Advanced Relaxing Massage

Body massage is another foundational service that enhances technique effectiveness, has both mental and physical benefits and provides relaxation.

Basic & Advanced Jade Stone Therapy

You will learn to use jade stone massage techniques to provide relief to stiff and sore muscles. Understanding and observing a demonstration of the therapy.


Students will learn to activate the natural healing powers of the body incorporating the long-established principle of energy zones that run throughout the body.

Basic & Advanced Eyelash Extensions

You will learn everything you need to about eyelash extensions including: types of lashes, proper application for each type of lash, safety, hygiene, troubling shooting and eyelash removal.

Body Wrap Cleansing & Polishing

You will learn to cleanse, scrub and wrap the body with mud from start to finish.

Basic & Advanced Makeup Application and Updo

Learn theory and how to apply basic makeup, party makeup and bridal makeup which includes make up and contour, eye shadows, mascara, eyeliner, photo shooting and bridal make up.

Ambber & Salma College of Esthetics & Spa


Learn how to file nails, push cuticle & remove cuticles, hand and foot massage and scrub & apply nail polish.

Nail Act

Learning how to make designs on fingernails.

Ambber & Salma College of Esthetics & Spa


Learn how to remove calluses, trim nails, how to cut in-grown nails & nail filing, pushing cuticles and removal of cuticles.

Laser Hair Removal

You will learn the anatomy of the skin, knowledge about laser technology, laser settings, patient consultation. scale to identify the requirements of each client, pre- and post-treatment care, complications and how to deal with them, full treatment protocol, recording and evaluation of the treatment, and methods of application for hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatments.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) hair Removal

You will be taught how to use IPL for hair removal from different parts of the body.

Chemical Peels

You will learn how to carry out either superficial or medium depth medical skin peels.


You will learn how to cleanse the skin prior to treatment, post care of the skin after treatment, use of the microdermabrasion system and follow-up.

Basic & Advanced Permanent Makeup

You will learn about the required sterilization and sanitation procedures and protocols to follow, micro pigmentation, technical application of permanent cosmetic, color theory, skin undertones, anatomy, contraindications and pre- and post-procedure care. Eyebrows & Lash Tinting Learning to cleanse the eyelashes and brows, mixing dyes and applying dyes.