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Our Story

Ambber & salma College is for the modern creative professional. Our range of beauty courses are developed by industry experts and designed with one goal in mind: to equip our graduates with the knowledge and skills required for long-term success in an ever-changing aesthetics industry.


100% Physical

Our courses are provided 100% Physical. Comprised of in-depth theoretical lessons and high-quality, easy-to-follow video tutorials and exercises and  Practical.

Industry Experts

Our courses are developed by leaders in the beauty industry

Flexible Study

All our courses are 100% Physical, so you can study and do Practical at one place

Lifetime Access

Enrolment provides you with lifetime access to your learning resources

Our Mission

If you hold a passion for beauty, then earning a license in both cosmetology and Esthetics can help you turn it into a successful career. At Ambber & Salma  Academy, we offer combination  Cosmetology programs at our

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